Uniting for Change: Hardworking Georgians Advocates Against Lawsuit Abuse


We stand at the forefront of a crucial battle—one that affects families, businesses, and the economic landscape of our great state. Have you seen an increase in your insurance costs or encountered challenges securing insurance for your business? Perhaps you’re a property owner entangled in a frivolous lawsuit. If these situations resonate with you, it may be due to existing Georgia laws permitting unnecessary regulations that contribute to escalating insurance prices, leaving job creators uninsured and tilting the scales against you in the courtroom. It’s imperative to reform these laws to lower prices, reinstate equity in our legal system, and foster job growth in our communities.

The harsh reality is that frivolous lawsuits and exorbitant verdicts are burdening hardworking Georgians. Millionaire billboard lawyers are capitalizing on this, leaving us with inflationary pressures and hikes in insurance rates. It’s time to take a stand and say “enough is enough.”

Georgia’s small businesses are under siege from frivolous lawsuits, leading to higher prices and soaring insurance rates. Your voice matters in this fight. Complete this form and click “submit” to send an email to your state legislators. Let’s protect Georgia’s businesses together! Take action here

Our mission is clear: to make Georgia the best place to live, work, and raise a family. The current ease of filing frivolous lawsuits is driving up insurance prices and keeping new, good-paying jobs out of communities that need them the most.

Click here to submit your support for justice reform.

Whether you’re a concerned citizen or a business owner feeling the impact, your voice is crucial. Sign up here to receive updates and calls to action as the Georgia General Assembly tackles this issue. Let’s rein in lawsuit abuse and protect our small businesses!

Lawsuit abuse is impacting us all—from rising insurance costs to the constant worry of potential lawsuits. Your experiences matter. Click here to share your story. Your voice can lead to crucial actions in 2024—meeting with key legislators, testifying in hearings, visiting the Capitol, or contributing to op-eds. Act now!

Due to the status quo, hardworking Georgians face some of the highest car insurance prices in the country. Trucking companies struggle to afford insurance or find a carrier at all, while small businesses fear absurd property claims leading them to court.

Georgia is already the top state for business, but more can and should be done. Join us in this important cause for positive change. Visit https://hardworkinggeorgians.org/ and contact your agent for more information. Together, let’s create a better future for Georgia!

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